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Roll Over Dog Training aims to empower dog owners and pet professionals with knowledge and skills needed to better understand our canine companions. Exceptional and effective dog training is a result of using scientifically-backed, ethical methods to build communication skills and positive relationships between dogs and people.

roll over dog training

Roll Over Dog Training

It is our mission to change the lives of dogs for the better, through the education and support of owners and pet professionals. We believe dogs, like every other animal, have the right to have both their physical and psychological needs met. 

To do this we aim to develop a strong online community of articles, resources, services and products over time. This will help people better understand their dogs, and be equipped to modify behaviour in a way that is not only effective, but a positive experience for both dogs and humans involved. 

We understand that behaviour is complex and affected by any number of external and internal factors. This is why we have a holistic approach to dog training that focuses on three key areas: behaviour, health, and nutrition. 

Understanding why dogs behave the way they do, and how they learn, is absolutely key to changing unwanted behaviours.

Knowing how to identify when your furry companion is ill, and a great veterinary team, is essential to the health of your dog.

Frequently forgotten is the importance of a good diet in helping prevent and sometimes even manage illnesses in dogs.



Welcome! I’m the creator of Roll Over Dog Training. I began and still do teach as a high school teacher here in Australia, and am passionate about behaviour – animal and human. After getting my two dogs, I found they both had some strange behaviours I just didn’t quite know how to solve. It turns out I didn’t know as much about dogs as I thought.

I went to trainers in my area who told me to use all sorts of strategies to fix it – like air horns and leash corrections – and they still couldn’t explain why my dogs were behaving like they did. I have never had to hit a child or scream at them as a teacher to make them change their behaviour, and I refuse to do that to my dogs. 

After considering the problem, I decided to solve it by educating myself. I completed my Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and could focus on animal behaviour, health and nutrition. I also undertook additional certification to become an advanced Pet Nutrition Advisor. 

My passion for animals, along with my belief that education and information is powerful, has led here.  I hope to provide informed, scientifically-supported knowledge for dog owners and professionals in an accessible way so that they too can make their own decision to improve the lives of dogs in ways that are ethical, effective, and positive for dogs and the people who live and work with them. 

roll over dog training

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